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Yes! Our smart plugs can be controlled from any smart device that is connected to the internet.

Absolutely! Our smart plugs have built-in energy monitoring functionality to help you reduce your electric bill.

Yes, you can set schedules to turn your devices on/off automatically. This is a great way to save energy and automate your home.

Yes, our smart plugs allow you to control your devices from anywhere using your phone. This is perfect for when you’re away from home and want to turn something off.

Yes, our smart plugs have multiple outlets, which means you can control multiple devices at once.

There are sample rules for different suppliers and different products. Many times the supplier will provide samples, but you need to pay the shipping costs.

  1. Search for suppliers through Google.
  2. Search for suppliers through B2B platform(alibaba\made-in-china etc.)
  3.  Search for suppliers through China agents(feisourcing.com)

Setting up your smart plug is easy! Simply plug it into a standard outlet, connect it to your Wi-Fi, and use the app to control it from your smart devices.

Smart plugs connect to your Wi-Fi network and allow you to control devices through a mobile app or voice commands. They have on/off power switching and allow you to set schedules and timers to automate power supply. Energy monitoring helps you understand energy usage and costs. Multiple plugs can be grouped together and controlled at once. They work with voice assistants and some offer geofencing for location-based automation. In summary, smart plugs make it easy to monitor and control electronic devices remotely.

A smart plug is a device that plugs into a standard outlet and allows you to control the power supply to any device that is plugged into it. Our smart plugs are also Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can control them using your smart devices.

If you have any issues with your smart plug, please contact our customer support team. We’re here to help!

Supplier Minimum Order Quantities or MOQs are the minimum order size that the supplier is willing to accept. This is often expressed as the minimum number of units.

Freight rates vary from country to country. You tell us the goods to be shipped and the address, we will give you a reference price.

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