How to use smart plug n hygrometer to automatically increase humidity


Humidity levels in the home are very important for health and comfort. Low humidity can cause dry skin, irritation of the eyes and throat, and even static electricity. High humidity promotes the growth of mold and dust mites. The ideal relative humidity for most homes is between 30 to 50 percent. Using a smart plug and humidity sensor, you can automatically control a humidifier to maintain humidity levels in that ideal range.

Connect the humidifier to a smart plug

The first step is to connect your humidifier to a smart plug, like those from Belkin WeMo, TP-Link Kasa, or Gosund. These smart plugs allow you to control the power to the humidifier through an app on your phone or using voice commands with a smart speaker. Once the humidifier is plugged in, you can turn it on and off remotely using the app or a voice command.

humidity, diffuser

Place the hygrometer to monitor the humidity

You’ll also want to place a hygrometer, which is a device for measuring relative humidity, in the room with the humidifier. Many smart hygrometers, like the Govee WiFi Hygrometer, can connect to your home WiFi network and provide readings through an app on your phone. Place the hygrometer in an area of average temperature and humidity in the room, away from vents, heaters, and the humidifier unit itself.

WiFi hygrometer white
WiFi hygrometer white

Set up automation to control the humidifier

The final step is to connect your smart plug and hygrometer to enable automation of the humidifier. In the apps for the devices, you can set up rules to turn the humidifier on when the humidity drops below a certain level, like 35%, and turn it off again when the humidity reaches an upper level, like 50%. Most smart plugs and hygrometers offer easy options to set up these types of automations to maintain humidity levels in your target range automatically.


By connecting a humidifier to a smart plug and using a smart hygrometer, you can easily automate the maintenance of healthy humidity levels in your home. Say goodbye to dry air and constant adjustments to your humidifier settings. Your smart home gadgets can now handle it for you automatically so you can enjoy ideal comfort.

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