Where to find your suppliers? Here’s the answer.

No matter what industry you are in, you want to find more and better suppliers. 

 So the question is, where do you find suppliers? 

The answer can be found in this statistic.

the world's Suppliers

The obvious answer is that China has the most time-consuming suppliers to meet the needs of every industry.

The next question is,
How to find suppliers in China?

Because of the global pandemic, international exchanges have not resumed. It is expensive to go to China directly, and it is inconvenient to attend import and export exhibitions. If it is easy for large enterprises to find suppliers, they can directly contact the Ministry of Commerce of China. But what about our small businesses?

I believe that most small businesses will go through the Internet to find, Google search for their own product suppliers.

Then we thought, how do we find suppliers in China through the Internet?

Let’s try Googling the product name. We can find some, but we’re not sure. for example, phone case supplier results in page

seach phone case supplier at google

The right supplier is not immediately available.
So what do we do?
Let me tell you, in fact, through a few B2B sites such as alibaba.com, made-in-china.com, and 1688.com platform to find.

Take Alibaba, for example. I have worked on the Alibaba.com website for 5 years and have operation experience in many industries. All you have to do is register an account at Ali and type in the name of any product you’re looking for to search and you’ll find the supplier you’re looking for. For example, a phone case

alibaba search result page

You’ll find a lot of suppliers you can contact.

Tips: Every search will come up with different results, so make a note of the suppliers you’ve contacted.

How to find the right one depends on your experience. You can also find someone with experience to help you. And I’m the one who can help you.

If you want to find suppliers in China, you can contact me, I am also a small business, and I understand the difficulties of small businesses to find suppliers, I will be able to help you. I have helped hundreds of small entrepreneurs find the right products and suppliers.

As a small business, you can purchase a small batch of products for trial sale, and then you can try to make your own brand products when there are orders every day. Such enterprises have a higher success rate. Many e-commerce sellers who do Amazon Shopee start their business in this way.

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